My Day In Flower Mound TX

I experienced a lot of local views and cool history when visiting Flower Mound, TX. The one thing I immediately noticed when I stopped by the town was the fact that there were so many bike paths around the town. Being an avid biker, myself, I was so happy to see this that I rented a bike to further explore the town for the day.


I was also very surprised to see just how close Flower Mound was to a number of different colleges in the Texas area. When looking at the geographical map I had bought, I noticed that schools such as DeVry University and University of North Texas were located within 15 miles of the center of town. I began to get the sense that this would be an excellent place to raise a family and send children to college, especially if they were this near by.


Speaking of families, I also happened to notice a number of children running by me with their parents in tow. It turns out that they were super eager to go to the Play Street Museum that was on Long Prairie Road. It includes parties, arts and crafts, and much more that are excellent for kids looking to get out of the house and play.


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