Spider Control and Removal

Spiders are known as being web builders and house invaders, and when they infest your property, it can be a nightmare. Aside from being a nuisance, they can also be dangerous. The most common types of dangerous spiders include the brown recluse and Northern black window. The brown recluse is considered the most dangerous. If bitten by this type of spider, seek medical attention immediately to avoid serious complications.

The brown recluse hides in dark places, under the bed sheets, and other undisturbed clothing. However, it can only bite if pressed against the skin. The brown recluse can be identified by its violin shaped look, with color varying from light to dark brown-gray. The Northern black window is black in color with a red, incomplete marking under the abdomen. Some of them have a white marking instead of the red on the abdomen. This spider type flees when disturbed and rarely bites.

Signs to Look Out For

There are some tell tale signs you’re dealing with an infestation. Are you seeing lots of spiders in your home? Do you walk through cobwebs to reach the door at home? Do you sweep off webbing from your windows to get a clear view? These are all signs to look out for, aside from seeing the spiders scurrying around your home.

Spider Control and Removal

The best spider control and removal depends on the condition of your property and the infestation. As a start, an exterminator can brush the exterior of your house using a Webster brush. Brushing helps in exposing the spiders for the next phase of treatment. Spider removal then involves using a residential insecticide on the exterior of the house, around doors, exterior lighting, and other places that spiders tend to hide.

A good spider control Flower Mound TX can also customize removal and control to fit your needs, using either chemical or non-chemical techniques. After the removal is complete, preventive measures should be taken to avoid future infestations.

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